What Is the Average Monthly Cost of a Nursing Home?


There is a good chance that at some point during your life, one of your loved ones will require extra assistance to perform day-to-day tasks and remain healthy. During this difficult time, your family member could benefit from the assistance of nursing home. The highly trained medical staff at a nursing home is able to treat, assist, and provide a comfortable living environment for the residents at the facility. Whether your loved one needs memory care or regular therapies, a rest home can help. Even if you don’t require the assistance of a nursing home right now, it’s important to understand the costs associated with this type of facility. This allows you to prepare financially for the needs of your family member in the future.

Monthly Costs

The cost of a rest home depends a lot on the type of care your loved one needs. On average, a private room costs around $250 per day or around $91,000 a year. A semi-private room costs around $82,000 a year, which ends up being about $230 a day. This cost covers medical care, room amenities, food, and activities.

Payment Benefits

Ensuring that your loved one gets the proper medical care needed isn’t cheap. But, there are ways to receive assistance. Medicare and Medicaid are just a few of the programs that may be available to help ease the financial burden associated with long-term nursing home care. If the patient is a veteran, he or she may also qualify for administration aid and attendance, helping to reduce the cost of a stay at a nursing home.

Nursing home costs vary greatly depending on the facility, area, and type of care needed. To better understand how much your loved one’s care will cost, visit the facilities near you.


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