What Items Should a Resident Bring with Them?


Seniors often don’t know what they can bring along when they relocate to a nursing home. While most centers are completely furnished, can you bring your favorite frames or blankets? To help answer these questions, here is a list of things that residents should put in their luggage when moving to a nursing home or rehabilitation center.

  • Clothing. When selecting items of clothing to pack, think about the durability of the item. Most homes have a laundering service. While this saves time and energy, it could take longer to have clean clothes returned to you. Pack enough clean clothes, including socks and undergarments, to last you at least a week. Label all of your clothing clearly. This prevents any mix-ups from happening.
  • Toiletries. Some homes provide basic toiletries to their residents. Even if this is the case, it’s a good idea to bring some of your favorites. Pack your deodorant, facial tissue, soap, and shampoo. If they already provide your preferred brands, that’s okay. At least you are prepared.
  • Favorite items. It doesn’t matter if you are staying for a few days or indefinitely; having a piece of home with you can help you feel more comfortable. Bring your favorite quilt and any other items of sentimental value. Keep in mind that the center you are living in isn’t responsible should any of your belongings go missing or get stolen.

Transferring to a nursing home or rehabilitation center doesn’t need to be scary or uncomfortable. By ensuring you have packed the right items, you’ll feel right at home in your new place.

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