What Kind of Care Can You Expect?


It’s no secret that a nursing home is a long-term care facility that provides housing and medical treatment for people who can no longer take care of themselves. Nursing homes have changed over the years to better fit the needs of different types of people. While end of life care is still available, there are programs set in place that have been adjusted more towards younger people who are planning to stay for shorter periods of time. Although there are different choices, there are still a few things you can expect with nursing home care. 


All nursing homes will provide you with three meals a day. If you are unable to get up and walk to the dining area yourself, staff is available to help transport you to the dining area, or bring food to your room for you.

Response to Your Requests

Adequate staff will be available whenever you need them during your stay at a nursing home. They have nurses working twenty-four hours a day to help you with whatever you may need. Some people need more help getting to the bathroom or getting dressed than others, and the staff understands that. Most nursing homes will provide you with a nurses’s button, or at least a phone, so you can call the nurses’s station whenever you need help.

Respect for Your Residential Rights

At the end of the day, a nursing home isn’t just a medical building, but your home. The staff inside of the facility will respect your residential rights and independence. If you feel like you or your family member’s rights have been violated, you are able to contact your nursing home’s ombudsman to make a report.

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