What Kind of Food Is Available in Nursing Facilities?


Hospitals and nursing facilities have gotten a bad reputation over the years for having terrible, or at least less than desirable, food. That reputation may sometimes be deserved, but it’s certainly not always the case. You can continue reading to learn what kind of food is available in nursing facilities and put your mind and taste buds at ease.

Preferences, Restrictions, and Allergies

The first thing to keep in mind is that a nursing facility is foremost focused on health and well-being, so any food restrictions, allergies, and preferences will have to be taken into account. This is especially true for residents post-surgery, or who have conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, or who suffer from heart disease or any other considerations, which might impact their diet.

A registered dietitian will be consulted with preparing meals and menus to ensure that nutritional needs are met, while keeping in mind the above restrictions and any known allergies. A nutritionally balanced menu is key. Of course, having a nutritional meal doesn’t mean that it must be a tasteless one. These days, many nursing facilities operate more like a restaurant than a cafeteria, and the residents can choose from a number of different options. There may be different types of pasta dishes, chicken or fish based entrees, and several different salads to choose from. Spicy and savory options will both be available. There’s often a dessert menu with different choices. Vegetarian and vegan options are even becoming more common, as well as kosher selections.

While nursing facilities may have rightly earned criticisms in the past, many of them today are quite proud of their food and are offering both healthy and delicious meal choices.

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