What Kind of Food Is Available in Nursing Facilities?


If you or a loved one are residents or potential residents of a nursing home, then you may have concerns about the food options. Nursing homes sometimes have a bad reputation for poor food. At LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we understand the balance between institutional requirements and making things tasty!

Rules and Regulations

In any nursing home, there are a variety of residents with very diverse health conditions and needs. The government has rules and regulations at the federal and state level for long-term care facilities’ food service. An inspector checks that everything is in order every 9-15 months. This is to promote quality of life, prevent malnutrition, and ensure safe food handling. A dietician is responsible for creating menus that meet the daily nutritional needs for each resident with individual evaluations. Three meals a day plus a snack are required. There are other rules about timing, temperature, variety, and more. Options must be available for those with specific dietary needs such as residents with diabetes, renal issues, or obesity complications. There also must be appropriate texture for those that have difficulty swallowing or chewing. All of these are important considerations that must be made, so it is a difficult challenge to meet all those needs and please every resident.

Food Should Be Tasty

Despite all the rules, a good nursing facility will put every effort into accommodating residents’ particular preferences at every meal. There should be appropriate substitutes if a resident dislikes the meal. Look for a nursing facility that offers a wide variety of meals with a large rotation of meals for good variety.


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