What Should You Bring When Moving into a Nursing Home?


Making big life changes can be frustrating, uncomfortable, and even a bit frightening, but a little bit of preparation can be tremendously helpful. Knowing what to bring into the nursing home can diminish some of your anxiety. Continue reading below for more information about what you should bring when moving into a nursing home.


Keep in mind that while washers will probably have a gentle cycle, sometimes mix ups happen. Make sure that you bring durable clothing that can last quite a while. Delicates should be kept to a minimum, as should anything that needs dry cleaning. Bringing a favorite pair of slippers or beloved pajamas can help you feel more comfortable and put you at ease in a new environment. Make sure that all of your clothing is clearly labeled. While separate washing is not uncommon, it’s not unlikely that things will get shifted around in the shuffle. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes is also highly recommended, especially for therapy days.

Personal Items

It’s a good idea to bring copies of pictures or scrapbooks. Mementos and other keepsakes are great to have on hand. Keep in mind that storage space will be limited, so it’s not advised that you bring anything particularly large or cumbersome. However, having a few treasured items is always recommended. It can be difficult to pick and choose, so you may want to think this over for some time. Narrowing down your options to a select few can be challenging.

Many people are tempted to bring cell phones, laptops, or other electronics. That’s not typically a good idea, unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most nursing homes will not reimburse for such items. However, with a little bit of planning ahead, you should have everything you need and be able to make yourself quite content.

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