What’s the Difference between a Nursing Home and Rehab Center?


Many people are unaware of the differences between a nursing home and a rehabilitation (rehab) center. While both of the facilities are home to people who need care, they are not both permanent homes. Many people live in rehab centers for short periods of time, while patients at a nursing home tend to spend the rest of their lives inside of this establishment.

Nursing homes are set in place for elderly people who need assistance with their living. Nursing homes today seek to provide entertainment for elderly people, but half a century ago, it wasn’t this way. Some elderly people need to be monitored during their everyday tasks and regular movements, this is when nursing homes come in handy. Nursing homes were created to make a place where elderly people can remain for the rest of their lives, with nurses always on staff, and a wide range of amenities offered throughout every day of their stay.

When around the clock care is needed, nursing homes become the best option. If a person becomes too frail or ill to live alone, nursing homes can benefit the quality of life for this individual. Staff can offer help with getting in and out of bed, eating meals, getting to the bathroom, taking a shower, and changing clothes. That kind of help is not always available at home.

On the other hand, rehabilitation centers are not a permanent home for patients. Rehab centers create a medical treatment plan for injured, sick, or disabled patients. The treatment plan usually doesn’t last more than a few months, but there are nurses available around the clock for any help with daily activities.

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