What’s the Difference between a Nursing Home and Rehab Center?


There are many terms that get thrown around to describe different types of facilities offering care to seniors. There is a spectrum of care provided and the terms can be used incorrectly. In this post, LakePoint Nursing & Rehabilitation Center explains the differences and similarities between a nursing home and a rehab center.

Nursing Home

A nursing home is a permanent residences for individuals who are too sick or frail to live at home because of mental, physical, or emotional issues. Nursing homes provide residents with daily assistance in grooming, bathing, cleaning, eating, and more. There also could be medical care to manage catheters, colostomy bags, and oxygen. Nursing homes are not usually covered by Medicare and are therefore not necessarily regulated by the government.

Rehab Center

Rehab centers are also sometimes called an acute rehab or a sub-acute rehab. In these facilities, individuals are checked in is patients more similar to a hospital setting. However, the goal of the facility is medical care through recovery from events like stroke, traumatic brain injuries, surgeries, and heart attacks. The care is overseen by a physiatrist and carried out through nurses and a variety of therapists including physical, occupational, and speech-language pathology. A stay at a rehab center can be covered by insurance. Patients receive several hours of therapy each day for their recovery. Acute rehab centers provide 3 hours each day and sub-acute rehab centers provide less intensive therapy.

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