Why Family Interaction Is Key to Residents


When you have a family member enter a nursing home, regardless of the circumstances, continuing to visit is an important key to your family member’s health and happiness. You should visit as often as your schedule permits to not only improve your elderly parent’s quality of life but longevity as well.

Happiness Psychology

Scientists have been exploring the positive impact that happiness has on an individual’s health and longevity, and the bottom line is: The happier you are, the greater your chance of living. This is important information when trying to find the best care for your elderly family member. Not only do you want to find competent care, you want to ensure that happiness and contentedness are part of the equation.

Family Interaction Is Key

One great way to ensure the happiness of your aged mom or dad is to visit often. No matter where “home” is, visiting with family will always be a highlight of any day. Often grandparents comment that being a grandparent is one of the best jobs they have ever had, so bring your children to visit as well! Don’t worry about whether your children are able to sit and hold a proper conversation; just bring some simple activities or toys for the kids to play with and allow them to play in the same room. It can bring great joy to a grandparent to simply watch young children laugh and play.

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